Sunday 4th of July 2021

You See This, Whats The First Thing That Comes to Mind?

Social Media Says

Mind the gap!
I am losing my mind.
Voting percentages as things stand! Butter, BTS_twt 51.4% Kill My Mind, Louis_Tomlinson 36.1% Bad Guy, billieeilish 8% Yeah, Usher 4.5%.
Are your legs tired cause youre running in my mind? OOOU.
Renjun wrote "i have become a little stronger. my mind and my heart." im crying,, so proud of you, renjun!!
The only thing that came to my mind.
Look at the name, "Meta" magician Could this be one of my handlers? I am sure that i would need more than one. Lmaooo I am being put through trauma base mind control to activate my Meta-Gene. I Am A Lover Not A Fighter! Until You Piss Me Off!

Saw this on fb and he's the first one that comes to my mind.
Want to try out some investigations while Gettr is still around? Here's a quick OSINT Attack Surface for the new platform. Keep in mind not all profiles will contain all data points.
Kyungsoo Song Rec on "Can't turn off my mind and think 'bout somebody else, so obsessed w lovin' you..will you be there in the mornin'? Callin'? Makin' sure I'm good. When I hit you in the evenin' feelin' way too insecure. And baby if I fall, I wanna land right in your bed..".

Enchiladas Kill my mind by Louis Tomlinson.
Get swooped up in my super-do-gooder universe! Meet Eagle-X, a chemically created 'super soldier' with a mind so pent-up with super angst... and Solsior, the omnipotently powered caped 'savior' from another galaxy... the clash is eminent...

Ya votaron por Kill My Mind?
I was the first one to encounter this driver. Watched him drive into 522 the wrong way down the 405N on-ramp. Narrowly missed a head on collision and called 911 immediately. Praying for the victim. No doubt in my mind this was intentional.

This buffoon was litterally told the vaccine was NOT fda approved, and yet he kept ranting about enforcement.. mind blowing, puro pendejo.
This has been ON my mind.
Its mind-boggling how these MAGAts keep saying that Trumps crimes are just things that all businesses do. Uhnot unless those businesses are headed up by Al Capone. I guess theyre perfectly okay with a Mafia Don running the country.

Theres not a doubt in my mind that Donald Trump has pictures of Matt Gaetz fucking little girls in some bungalow owned by Epstein, the way that dude goes hard for Trump its only cus he got dirt in fam cus nobody is that fukn stupid.

Im eternal sunshine of the spotless mind not in the cool blue hair girl way in the way i wish i could erase every memory of everything that upsets me bc life is too unbearable to think about.
Thank you...I was waiting for someone else to say Jacob's Ladder. That is such a great film. Tim Robbins was so good and so was Danny Aiello. The ending blew my mind, and it was so sweet with Macaulay Culkin. It's definitely in my all time Top 10.

[?][?][?][?][?][?][?](c) ; [?][?][?][?][?][?][?][?] * . [?][?][?][?][?][?][?]Consider the mind-scape of the creator. In whose mind does this appear beautiful? In whose mind is this pure, near worshipful? Are we missing out on his perspective?

~ VINTAGE BULL MANGANIELLO ~ Excited to post some more of this beefcake, he popped up in the streams of the D&D matches I was watching so he's been on the mind lately. Hope y'all enjoy!
U crossed my mind and i almost threw up.
Apologizing to my brain in advance cos my mind will only be filled with "huhuhu" and "tuk tuk" for the next following weeks.
And just like that im bored out od my mind again.
Have you bothered to examine the reputation of pharma companies that manufacture the Covid-19 vaccines you yearn for? What is the biggest challenge blocking you from using your mind optimally?
My mind right now. bye.
In the meantime, I took a day off to take my mind off things and got to clean up and organize this masterpiece.
The only thing troubling you is your own mind.
You are always on my mind when I masturbate and cum. RETWEET or COMMENT if you like the idea of a guy stroking his cock, thinking of you. chaturbate cosplay.
That's an interesting perspective.. I'll continue reading the Bible now, after reading that part of Matthew I put it on hold since in my mind this either invalidated the entire Book of Matthew or invalidated my current reading of it Ty.

Nothing can disturb your peace of mind without your permission.
Dude its been in my mind for a very long time. Fits her character well and big time makes her feel a threat. Yea. Love it.
Keep in mind that there were leftist political movements around the world that tried to free themselves from western imperialism and economic dependence, and then the west murdered them by the 100s of thousands to millions.

I might be borderline broken hands at valorant on 4hr of sleep but holy shit rocket league is braindead when tired never playing ranked again awake this is lit aka dont mind me im delirious rn.
Prawn sandwichs come to mind.
Jumanji is a horror movie and you cannot change my mind.
The simplest way I could put it. The days ahead of us are very iffy. We NEED to mind our business. I can promise it will be worth it. If you HAVE to engage (which I promise you dont have to, grow up & hold yourself), do it on PRIVATE. I really beg yall to heed these warnings.

Multiple awakenings in this one. Stay tuned for more butt fun. Kinda slipped my mind that it's pride month. Here I am drawing bullies shaming people. I swear it gets to a good place ill draw some wholesome Lester and Oliver stuff soon to make up for it.

Texan thrashers The_Switchblade release 'Death Hymns' this week. "A steamroller of a ride, my advice is to strap in, prepare the neck brace and lose your mind to the rollicking trip that this power trio embark on." Read.

Write down all the silly little things holding you back. think about them all. challenge them. negotiate w/ them. make friends w/ your bad feelings. they are a part of you but they are not YOU. a club president learns about their members. be the president of your mind club VnulbVnulb.

When McDonald's say we getting fast food and then change their mind last minute the whole nation vex but when my mother do me that my whole childhood nobody say anything, word.
Your mind deservves only high-signal content. So feed it only that.
Blows my mind how we're not celebrating low gas prices... tweet after tweet after tweet for months bashing ETH chain for the high gwei. Reminiscing about when gas was low... Now...
There are 3 types of Gods mentioned in Gita ji Kshar Purush,Akshar Purush,Param Akshar Purush. Param Akshar Purush is the Supreme God,the Satpurush. By worshipping him,the punishment of karma is eliminated,Peace of mind and complete salvation is attained.

Katsuki was still very confused about the cloak and why his husband took it with them but the dots quickly connected in his mind when Ieijirou bit down hard onto the fur covering the juncture of his neck and shoulder.

Just switch to humming and keep thoughts in front of mind and eventually they combine and suddenly you are free improvising sound meets word/thoughts and you are in the middle of Elizabeth Park Rose Garden and everyone is clapping and Jordyn is smiling.

No bc how do u guys not tweet everything that comes to ur mind.
The way Marinette yelled "KAGAMI" before jumping on her lives in my mind rent free.
No wonder he didnt mind fans paying less. Its been a while since hes seen fans faces up close like this. Hes enjoying it and probably wants to stretch it as long as possible. Its a treat for him.
Ready to have your mind red, white, and blown? The Shop is now celebrating the 4th of July. Featuring the new Nitrojerry Outfit!
To be practiced to have a peaceful mind.
TRUMP NEWS Trump Foreign Countries Emptying Their Prisons Into U.S. Thanks to Biden'; Trump Says He's Made Up His Mind About Running in 2024; Slams McConnell, Dismisses RINOs On Board With Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal, and 9 other related stories.

Shaw isnt even better than Milner never mind Robbo!
The mind that becomes elated also is subject to depression. Dont identify yourself with either! Go beyond! Somehow touch the feet of the Lord. Then you are no longer subject to the opposites of life. SWAMI TURIYANANDA.

Yall mind if i be in a Bad Mood.
Glazed and vased, y'know mind vaped / clay shaped.
Im doing everything I can to stay busy and occupied, but you still seem to cross my mind daily. this shit sucks.
Mind on my money and its mind ova matter tell me if that shit make sense to yall.
Listen to free podcast for defence aspirants appearing in SSB about career choices, mind taming and learning from Bhagwad Gita.
Depends on if we get a different PG or not. If we miss out on all PGs I wouldnt mind bringing him back.
"In a conflict between heart and mind, always follow the heart" Humble tributes to SwamiVivekananda ji on his Samadhi Diwas. Youth icon, philosopher, author, orator par excellence, scientific temperament far ahead of his times- wish more youth read his inspiring teachings.

In its anxiety to suppress dissent, in the mind of the State, the line between the constitutionally guaranteed right to protest & terrorist activity seems to be getting somewhat blurred Thank you Delhi HC.

I think I should create the new posters for the NHS... I am going to sleep, I am losing my mind. Goodnight, everybody.
In my mind i always say lena when i see you ahaha.
Left leaning Bollywood's bias and propaganda is no hidden. But in the process of enjoying a cinema, one should take movie just as a movie! It's not a documentary! You can never enjoy Indian cinema with critical mind.

Its really not though. If you can watch two people have sex or be nude and somehow think you have a pure mind, news flash, you dont either. You dont know the men you beat off to, so get off your high horse.

When someone invokes the name of that antedilun creature my bones ache, my chest heaves, my mind races knowing that all cognitive thought is soon to leave as a wave of mindless creatures is soon to descend upon us all...

I have decided to move to an iPhone. A14 Bionic is still crazily Powerful and upcoming A15 Bionic is gonna be mind boggling.
One of Trumps tricks is to basically openly confess to crimesit Jedi mind-tricks his followers into believing that it cant possibly be illegal if hes talking about it in public. He did it with collusion, obstruction, extortionseems to work for him.

Money cant buy happiness only applies to rich people with too much wealth. for the rest of us, money buys security. money buys comfort. money buys peace of mind. money buys another day. money buys a future.

Im ready to rage against people who refuse to get vaccinated. If we have to go into quarantine again, I will lose my fucking mind.
Omg pls dont mind my spelling.
Ur face looks like a nice chair, mind if I take a seat.
OMG I'm gonna lose my mind again GJHJKGGHDHHJJ.
Relationship in treasuremembers > Same mind > Just look at each other's eyes. > We can understand e/o even without saying a word > Just sniffing, you know who > Passionate about fashion > Let's take care of each other and grow together (cont.. ).

"Plenty of words come to mind to describe ... actions by one of Americas two major political parties. 'Patriotic' is nowhere among them, slammed the editorial.
Keep in mind you have your own timeline & pacing. Whats meant for you will be yours [?].
She can Sphinx my mind anytime.
You dont mind the sand do you?
]THEQOO] Who is the first person that comes to mind when you think of Twice's visual members? Sana seems to be the second most commented member after Tzuyu! The unofficial visual JYPETWICE SANA Lang Da ^* TWICE Jie Mie Bang.

I changed my mind I wanna f*ck some more.
In your mind. 10x10 acrylic on canvas.
"I'd like to see you try, pyon. Watch your attitude, pyon. You could just have said no.." Okay, maybe she's getting a bit too into this current gimmick-- but never mind that. She at least resisted the urge to say it a third time. Pout.

I am loosing MY MIND !!?:$!
Who is the Master Mind behind the planned brutal murder of our beloved Sushant Singh Rajput itsSSR ? PMOIndia HMOIndia rashtrapatibhvn RajnathSingh_in Why everyone trying to save culprits?? Probe Khatri Pancholi 4 SSR.

Why don't you wear the hijab if your Muslim bc i dont want to mind ur business.

What You Really Think


A pc in half.

Man, idk.

Among us.

Meltan from Pokemon.

Roblox currency.



DADDY, I meant.



Robot (dont ask).

Nuts and bolts crafting material in fortnite.


Case screw headers for motherboard LOL.

R.I.P. SimplyALemon the Bot.





I've never seen these before.

Nuts and bolts.

Nuts lol.

Fortnite nuts and bolts crafting part.

Screw hammer.

A belt idk why lmao.


Mechanical pieces.

Melvin from The Lost Book.

Deez nuts.




Big meaty balls.

5 minute crafts.

Deez Nutz.



Ngl robux.


5 Minute Crafts.

Stack them.

Volt because it rhymes with bolt.

Magnets for some reason.


The taste.

Idk I'm a dumbass.




Bolts although I am not too sure those are bolts.

Nuts >:).


Pile of nuts.


N U T.


Metal ._.

A bicycle (repair) shop.

Sonic rings.

SimplyALemon being a bot.

That a car died.

Screws and a volt from jailbreak ?!? :00.



The fact that my headphones snapped in half yesterday.

The junk bot raid oil or boil.


Screw it.