Roblox is COMMITTED to improving This Years innovation Awards They Say Are Bigger And Better This is Found on The Website ROBLOX Linked For RDC Do You

Wednesday 15th of March 2023

Roblox is COMMITTED to improving! This Years innovation Awards They Say Are Bigger And Better. (This is Found on The Website ROBLOX Linked For RDC.) Do You Think it Will be Bigger And Better?

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Roblox is COMMITTED to improving! This years innovation awards they say are Bigger and better. (This is found on the website ROBLOX linked for RDC.) Do you think it will be bigger and better?

What You Really Think

Well thats good, hopefully.

I doubt it will be better.

It's probably gonna be another crappy awards show, hopefully they don't skip entire nominees this time.

Wow cool.

Bro they peaked at the 8th bloxys.

They better include Mimic this year, last year's award are literally unfair like, imagine comparing a game with their own songs with a game that almost got a copyright strike from the original developer.

We need it like the 8 bloxy awards it was good.

RDC EU maybe??

Lmao no.

Naw, I doubt it.

Not without actual roblox events they wont be bigger and better.

I mean some features they announced at RDC 2021 still haven't arrived yet(example being community management) which I don't know what happened to it since it was announced lol.

I hope so last year's was pretty garbage.

I better be in it. If Im not then Im expecting a good event. Like ANY good event. RP3, RBB(not this year but next year), Egg hunt, metaverse champions, etc. no sponsored nonsense.

I hope it is longer first one was REALLY REALLY SHO.

Considering they lost alot recently i highly doubt it'll be bigger and better, more like bigger and much less better.

Smaller and funnier.

They need to make the bloxy awards better in return. It needs to be larger because the platform is larger period.


I hope so but i kinda doubt it.


Hope so!


Lets hope so!

Roblox dead game we play Scratch now.

So we arent getting an animated bloxys again?

Roblox is getting worse lol.

We hope to not see a certain someone attend.

Wait is a new up day yay.

Not fixed moderation, still have two false warns. Gotta get them removed before I get another false or regular warn.

I think they will be good!


Lets hope its not just them saying it will be bigger and better like last year, and that they will actually make it bigger and better.

They should focus on innovating and improving the game it could use it.

Didn't they say that about the 9th bloxies? And then changed it to innovation awards and had a weird irl tv show thing giving them out like it's Saturday night live.

Maybe they'll have specific judges with qualifications for different categories this time ..

When will it happen? Will it happen on the same dates as last year?

They said that about the 9th Bloxys then turned it into the Innovation Awards.

Prob gona be promotional material and promotional games on the event to increase player base and get more money And a pointless concert.

Better than Davids dance in?? how is that possible?

Didnt they say that last year but ended up being boring and disappointing.

Let's hope for the best.

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