Thursday 16th of March 2023

Well be Back in Style!

Social Media Says

In two days, I'm going on excursion to Japan! I will polish my skills in the Japanese style of pro wrestling and come back stronger than ever! I'll be away for a month, but I'll post a lot of pics and videos, and hopefully a few streams as well! I'll miss you all! Take care!

Appreciate your action sir.. it will be great if action taken is disclosed as well these goons are humiliated in police style in same area.. so that no one dares such things again and our police gets its status and respect back.

Well we are animals, but fortunately our societies have made some moral progress on LGBT rights, equality etc, and we will not be going back to Mediaeval-style religious intolerance. There is no place for that in UK society.

Somehow an imperfect style from my younger self, but it happened to be one of best memories Ive ever had. While commemorating Childrens Day, Im looking back to myself back then that portrayed in adorable shape. Well, lets make this world a safer place for little ones like us.

Well, then you have to free yourself, don't you? Sure, you may lose some of your audience, but you may gain others. Plus, if it's not the right style, you have the option to go back to the style that was. Your primary audience should always be the one in the mirror.

Or if you have any saida photos/art (preferably in a simpler drawing style or edit) that I could use (gonna ask permission from the og artist as well), which you think would be cute for the back print of a shirt. Do send it to me. Those will be much appreciated. Thank you.

Look whose up top leading the charge ha, bouncing back in style. Howson going well considering he wasn't meant to be playing til Thursday.
Mr Omorodion, I will pay Ose back in his own coin. Do you know the kind of abuses that people suffer in his hands on this app? If you know him very well, tell him to change his style if he wants to be successful as a politician. He has a natural hurdle of father's record already.

Well rc_sheppard, there can be no doubt that democracy is in peril in Mexico. AMLOs authoritarian style seeks to do away with most institutions out of his grip. His vision is perhaps the turning back to the one party-state system that ruled Mexico for more than 70 years.

Were a well dressed generation of adults. Like our style will be revered in 20 years and young folks will be like damn yall was fly back in the day.
Well, the "Twiggy Look" will be back in style, and my money is on breast-reduction surgeons then.
But, in fact, the squad lacks a reliable option like 9. Alan Kardec, who could be that player, is injured (and in our opinion too slow for Coudet's style of play). And another adaptation should occur when Zaracho gets back physically well.

Man, listen My position is lieutenant Like a block of hash, got the burners up in it, percent it I send it back to your greasy Freak it Arabic style, Sharmoota elhas teeze To please me you got to be well off Bust a shell off with a tattoo that starts off, uh.

The only time Im in black socks is when Im wearing black shoes. And those short shorts would be back in style (well, almost).
U14A Championship 2023 And just like that the girls are back on the pitch! Well done to our u14 girls who kicked off their season in style against Nenagh. Its good to be back!
My 1st thought when I saw your tweet was the music wing which was a "3rd space" for me back in the 90s, and is proving to be for my own kids as well. Then this timely NYTimes article popped up!
Signed up for HonorClub and checking out the archive of ringofhonor back on TV in '23. About 1/4 through the debut episode. Zack Sabre Jr. is unreal. Even the most well-studied fans of the World of Sports-esque European style has to be blown away by ZSJ's technical acumen.

Well hold me back. -nulb Who in their right mind would be interested in this BS. The censorship on FB. is utterly suffocating for ALL. Or, am I missing something. I see this man as nothing but a Corrupt Criminal He can stuff his "twitter" style platform.

Disgusting. I know that match of the day will not be watched in my home, until Gary Lineker comes back. We can't lose him, he makes the show so good and I look forward to watching it because of his humor and style of how well he presents it. V GaryLineker you deserve better.

You dont have to be well versed in something to enjoy it. who cares? the trend will go out of style and lines will get back to normal. learn about something new during that time so you can be mad about the normal levels of ignorance in that community too. variety.

Vocals swept back, variety of rhythm, and is actually atmos-. It may not be revolutionary, but it's what I want in my ears when I listen to this style of blackened- atmos-. well worth a look if you dig it.

Great move for Ian burchnall happy he got back in the game quick after his FGR departure. His work at Notts was commendable and can not be underestimated improved players an got us inbeding a style which Luke has took on to the next level hope goes well at anderlecht for him.

It used be common for women of color as well. But it's like you've cursed them, telling them that with a healthy diet, patience and maybe those 200 brush strokes a night could get them back to a place where there beautiful hair could be back in style.

Song for a cowboy: "Everyone wants to be the cowboy living life the wild wild west style Everyone wants to be the outlaw Well everyone tough and no one is gonna back down." Ziggy Marley Sam Reid in Hatfields & McCoys, TV series 2012.

Where TF was that last week? NRL bias in full swing, or is it just NRL incompetence? Emre speaks very well for a front rower with that style of hair cut hahaha Rick knew, Rick knew we could come back! TrustInRick That second half performance can be built on and will get us.

Everyone on the floor has to be able to defend 1v1 Bigs are taught to have a face up AND back to the basket game Dawn develops traditional PGs Her teams play well in transition This style of play has produced a 2x WNBA MVP as well as the NPOY.

Of course, it's a back door to authoritarianism. They control the workers, you control their wealth. And before ya know it, we live is a Soviet style hellscape. Well, I will. You'll be behind military guards in your bunker. You're a colonizer and you don't even realize it.

Lets all be honest the good run is because he is using our old formation a back 3 which he knows nothing about because it is not his style. The older players understand this formation because they were doing well in it.

Antonio Conte still remains one of the best coaches in world football... Pretty sad his defensive style of play isn't going too well for him. Will he be sacked? That's left for the Tottenham board to decide. But I know the players will bounce back from this defeat.

With and without numbers might be heavily weighted in a lot of the algorithms for Raptor and other such metrics and with the Nuggets style of all bench lineups as well as not ever having a quality back up center could be the main reasons.

Sad. Best of luck to you and your cat. And just in case it might be of any worth to you and your cat, cryonics startup cryopets could perhaps help your cat get back to life in like 2069, Austin Powers style. There are other compagnies as well I think if the wait list is too.

Are you sure about this? Facemask agnosticism was well justified back then (we were still using surgical masks at best), but nobody will really doubt that Chinese style militarized lock down will be very effective in short run and that other lockdowns will have shortterm impact.

BACK TO LEVEL 45 Day 1 of Mario U Deluxe went very well. Finished 4 worlds. Such a fun game. I love the colours and art style in this game. Thanks guys! I'll be back Wednesday! Ty Cimarus2 and stoosies for the raids! Sent the group to CoryanoTV who is playing Fortnite!

"Heh-heh, you are certainly well trained, your police style isn't all talk after all..." The old man stretches his back and offers his hand to help her get up "If every cop was like you there wouldn't be any criminals left in this town...".

Theres a reason man united are doing well & us not so well. Ten hag hasnt been playing his style in all the games. His team sits back in big games whereas we havent sat back not 1 prem game including arsenal & city. Once the team gels & potter gets his ideas through well be good.

Labour might be doing well in official polls right now, on the back of Starmer's Establishment-friendly racism and rightwingery. I wonder what their private (i.e. accurate) polling says? Because I bet it doesn't say '1997-style majority'. Frankly 'majority' would be surprising.

If I may, may I?...what's Potter's style? Would be good to know what top Managers play in the world right now without pressing and playing out from the back well...basics, we've managed to get worse at.

Yakuza 0 was an absolutely beautiful game, and I can't be more happy that I've finished it. Easily one of my favorite stories I've ever played, and the breaker style as well as the combat in general was very laid back and fun. I can't wait to play the other games in the series.

Ok, hear me out this kind of lace and/or clothing cutout just not in this location or exact style. I'm thinking like that jacket with the square cutout on the back. Could even be diagonal on the front and skinny. Omg or a well placed horizontal stripe.

I have to be very strategic with the styles I drop, because one wrong color or style and my investment will be stuck. I made this mistake first year in business. Certain colors did so well, that I decided to bring them back prematurely, big mistake.

Hes said recently that he was doing a lot of analysing Everton to see what he did well and what went wrong in games, as well as trying to expand his playing style to be more modernised and up to date. He said recently he was studying playing out from the back and its benefits.

To be honest if we sit back and be logical those players to the 49ers wouldnt have made sense. Like Bobby Wagner is a nice player who cant play in the 49er style. Because he cant really cover too well. So what your saying is 100 percent facts.

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What happened to loving emo boys.

How about this one.


Mini coming with that drip.



What will u wear next year though.

Mini why do you always have to steal the hot guys.


Abc for hot moms.

I also love hot buff roblox babes.

Do you have that in a Large?

WE LOVE MEN nulbnulb.

If I get an invite perhaps Ill bring a matching one.


May i steal it.


Gotta have a "123 for bf" sign above your head too.

W shirt.


My new Piggy movie is out now you can check out out here.

I love buff Roblox men?