Tuesday 10th of May 2022

Roblox Stock Keeps Going Down And Hitting New All Time Lows Some investors Hope That The Stock Will Rise Again For a Long Term investment.

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Roblox stock keeps going down and hitting new all time lows Some investors hope that the stock will rise again for a long term investment.

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Good lol.

Should've kept meepcity parties. and keep the penguin body the way it was. y'all doing to y'all selfs. i understand uu tryna keep the game family friendly but uu doing a bit TO much..

I mean idc with the bad updates that roblox has been releasing.

The Great Depression but in legos.

It should go up in november/december i hope.

Loool roblox in the mud and its no ones fault but theirs.

Quick tip from someone who doesn't know anything. If it goes down and drops below 10 invest cause surely they will have to do something. Right. I'm no professional.

Next time dont have bad updates that make people upset.

Wait so WTF they do with our money???

Dead game unfortunately.

God damn took long enough.

Nooo I spent all my birthday money on this.

They had it coming.

Time to invest in Bitcoin I guess -\_(<)_/.

Fly high for.

Who is qoqwatch.

What happens when your game is down every other day.


Roblox, just git cash! you can do it!

This is a roblox OOF moment.

Nobody plays that dead game anymore brickplanet is the new platform.

To the investors: Didn't ask.

At this point I'm surprised that they have yet to file bankruptcy.

Well really ROBLOX is losing their childrens game after all that has been happening and I kinda saw this coming as ROBLOXS stock markets down fall. For the children well their growing up and moving on to other adventures till some day come back but till then we can only hope.

Love to see it Maybe they will actually do some good.

Imagine having more money than the entire roblox's stocks.

Oh its not if it will raise again its when. Theres no hoping here $RBLX is worth it.



Another L.

Not for Rolox_C only Rolox.

You nee stop Maker bad update and please black audio you make all people happy.

I am definitely NOT a stock guru but i threw my ENTIRE 401k into this the start. $45-$55/share, sold ALL 116. I knew this was short-term considering the platform. I feel for those that held on. Don't let it get you down. Win some lose some! Thanks for the mils $RBLX!


Still overpriced.

"long term investment" yeahh sureeeeee.

Im not for roblox so i dont care.

Out of touch =.

Im actually considering investing now, I feel bad.

Invest now, dump at next ddos.

Once again that stock falling off hard.

Well roblox having big issues now Wheres my btools i will fix it.

I swear to God, this clip is getting closer to reality, even the stock chart appears similar!


I want it to stay low so I can buy some when im old enough in 3 months.

Wow, it indeed keeps going down. All the way down. 30B$ 20B$ Next up >= 10B$.

Mustve been the wind!

Roblox stock be like.


Common roblox L.

Then make good events.


Shoot is this the end?

It's not just roblox, other companies as well.

I love democracy.

Buy now when it's low.



Roblox stock 6 month chart: looking pretty good as a long term investment!

Keep release more off sale items limiteds like some with high demand its call back alot players if want happens.


Help my family needs money.


Did Roblox forget that the most important thing about running a business? Listening to their audience and taking notes on what they should improve not by doing NFT'S or big live events.

Time to move platforms.

From my understanding (and a Roblox investor) the stock is falling due to earning reports tomorrow. Investors are usually weary during this time and usually sell all or some of their holdings if they believe the earnings will be a miss.

Do roblox even care about there stocks.

I swear if roblox actually ACCEPTS NFTs...

Literally fell off.

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