Tuesday 15th of December 2020

Thanks Guys.

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Thats a wrap for the season! Gotta say a massive thanks to my team. Its been one hell of a year with you guys and Im so grateful for everything weve accomplished together. Lets keep making HIS7ORY together.

Thanks for the love you guys are showing my new single ALRIGHT Ft. shattawalegh ! Glad yall love it. Click the link in my bio if you havent seen it yet. ! Viaopeimu !
One year agOooooo !! At skopje macedonia for AlaVaikunthapurramuloo Score anulb Love Vnulb traveling Wish the world gets back to normal soon !! CLnulb Thanks so much guys for RaviTeja_offl s BhalegaTagilaveyBangaram &.

Done guys thanks for the opportunity.
153 k tweets finished 4130 VnulbVnulb Thanks to all guys annan.
Thanks guys, they are free.
Thanks for the lift. My debut novel The Princess Of Etharia is available on amazon KU now! So if you like romance, magic, a kickass female and a choice of guys to like, check it out.
Ily jihoon, thanks for cheering me up, i have many studies to do. i think of treasure everyday, your one of my inspiration to do so. ily guys! I love the picture.
Thanks so much guys!!!!
RKVians, Thank you so much For giving this RKVian So much love! When my previous Id got suspended! Special thanks to satrangi_re & ik_taraa you guys are Awesome! Love You RKVians.. KING RKV IS BACK.
Hey guys, The ones who would like to join , give ideas or contribute to OUR ShehnaazKaurGill Birthday.. Please drop ur handle below.. Will form a group soon n then Plan Will try to include as many as possible. ThanksVnulb.

Made some new emotes for SoaRKobi & YoungVieto thanks for letting me test my noob art on you guys LOL.
What EricaLinek made us do while majority of you were sleeping. I'm now interacting with celebrities, it's not easy guys thanks for always supporting me this new phase of life won't be easy but I promise to be humble as a celeb and also remember you'll.

Hey guys, sent you a DM on an order when you get a sec. Thanks!
Oop 230 thanks guys im tired i really wanna sleep.
President Agnelli representing this amazing club in this historical moment in my carreer. Special thanks to the squad back there: I couldnt do it without your help, guys! Lets go! All together for all our big goals this season! Fino Alla Fine!

Thanks fam! And your welcome. Hope you guys have a great day. Moo is pouting as its too cold for her to be outside for long. Her side eye game is strong.
I've enjoyed watching you and NorthernlionLP play Rocket League lately. Looking forward to seeing you guys learn the game more if ya keep playing. If not thanks for the entertainment my man.
This is some of our honourable hard workers from Zimbabwe Eastern Cape cell tower batteries stolen by this three guys At least they r under arrest,now busy tampering networks thanks to open borders.
My munshoutout is for all the awesome and engaged first year SchoolofOceanT2 students! Thanks for making ONGR1200 so fun! I owe you guys some prizes.
Blessed new week for all! Light, peace and love in your lifes ! Thanks for all guys.
Good morning guys! Just to inform you all that theres a huge progress now and Omah_Lay and Tems will be on their way back home soon! Pls lets all be calm! Thanks.
Had the most successful stream yet! Got invited to play some Among Us with NickyRosenthal and his friends. Played well into the night and even Learned some chess from a National Master! Thanks so much You guys!

Thanks again, guys! Just in time for Christmas (and the end of Hanukkah)!
Thanks guys, happy Christmas.
Woow! I hit 3k and didnt even notice! thanks so much guys! gotta do something special for it!
What a blast last night guys!! Thanks so much for hanging out. We'll get going tonight, but it will be a few hours later. Hope to see you all there!
FOOTBALL SHI GIVEAWAY! You guys hit 2,000 likes on the latest AwayDay so FotMob will be giving away a random shirt to one of you! To enter: 1. Follow FotMob 2. this tweet Simple! Good luck everyone and thanks for the continued support.

Hi Carla, the status just finally updated this morning on the package and it's out for delivery, understandable with the volume of parcels you guys are facing I just wanted to make sure it wasn't lost. thanks for the help.

Yay thanks guys.
Hey guys! Im on the lookout for every streamer on Twitch, YouTube or Facebook who are Christian. They dont even necessarily even need to be people who talk about faith on stream but streamers who are Christian. If you know of any please comment their channels below! Thanks!

Thanks for joining the stream guys, I am in LOVE with my world currently so here are some screenshots, Catch you all tomorrow Vnulb.
See how you Guys Just Made Them Look Like common Criminals. They didn't even take In food for the past 34hours.. Thanks For Realising them, but you will still remain in our red book.
Thanks to the guys at bectu who have fought valiantly for their members through this crisis.
Thanks Guys For All The Love And Messages...Love U All A Lot. Trying So Hard To Keep Up.
Welcome guys finally we won big thanks to.
WOW!!! Glad you guys enjoyed it... I know its a favorite in my house... Thanks for listening to JohnGormleyShow as well...
Thanks guys!! lots of love.
Guys! I have two US used iPhone X 64GB for sale! 190k each. Almost as good as new. DM me. Thanks!
Hey guys, so I've started my own YT channel and I would appreciate it if you subscribe and support me chileVnulb thanks in advance. Go tlonna monate that I guarantee you.
I finally got a mic to join groupchat and havent been able to in 2 weeks. Thanks. You guys are great.
A beautiful gift to receive from the team at Nearfm nearfm for Christmas its so much appreciated, thanks guys MerryChristmas x.
10K!!!!! UNDERWEAR PAYYY!!!!!!! thanks everyone i dont even know what to do with 10 K!! XD ill have to make a buttload more art for yallz to enjoy thanks again guys! i appreciate all the love happy holidays!!!! support my work on.

You guys both inspire me. Thanks for being awesome!
Marrrkk!!..how are you ? Good seeing 2 beautiful people ..morning was not so good ...turned it around ...thanks guys nulb.
Guys I want to do this so pls don't just like the thing pls comment your thanks.
Thanks guys,they are free After you don fuck up See as you be like ritual object!
I'm trying to get an Unlimited Verizon SIM from you guys for Friday Night High School Football but I'm getting no response from your Website or Email. Can someone please reach out to me and provide me some assistance? Thanks, Eric.

You guys blew 3000 points out of the water, were now leading by almost 1200 points! As a reminder, likes/seplies give us points, 1st place earns us $15,000 to further the growth of our program! Thanks to everyone who has helped so far, lets keep going!

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Yo mark, you should play a horror game on steam called Aka Manto. Its pretty cool but is hard to learn.

Welp *slow clap*.

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