Thursday 25th of August 2022

Winning :).

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It's the final match of the 1988/89 season. We have a chance of winning the title. But we must beat Liverpool. By two goals. At Anfield. No team has done it since February 1986. Were 1-0 up in stoppage time. Thomas is charging through the midfield. It's up for grabs now...

The even better news for Dems tonight is that Mary Peltola's (D) lead over Sarah Palin (R) in the AKAL special election just stretched to over 13k votes, giving Peltola a better chance of winning when Nick Begich's (R) second-choice votes are tabulated next week.

"ImranKhan's rallies are getting bigger and he is winning local elections. The establishment in Pakistan fear that Khan might actually pull off a political earthquake in general elections, and it is in this context that he is being targeted under anti-terrorism laws".

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Cause all of me Loves all of you Love your curves and all your edges All your perfect imperfections Give your all to me I'll give my all to you You're my end and my beginning Even when I lose I'm winning.

/ DFS DFSArmy .
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Bears vs Bills. Bears surprise everyone, get hot in January, and win close playoff games then Cairo Santos boots the Super Bowl winning field goal as time expires.
Congratulations to drugs for winning the war on drugs.
Ukraine marks two anniversaries today, one of which it did not ask for The first is Independence Day. The second is the six-month mark since Vladimir Putin launched a full scale invasion on February 24.

Welcome aboard. The North American Premiere of Ruben Ostlunds latest Palme d'Or winning satire TRIANGLE OF SADNESS, starring WoodyHarrelson and HarrisDickinson, explores the thirst for power amongst the idle rich on a luxury cruise.

The WhiteSox are winning and we are talking...JOIN US!!
Winning is never out of style. Samira, the Desert Rose, is flipping, slashing, and shooting her way to Wild Rift on Aug 26 GMT 8!
The Bears went 6-11 last year. Should you bet on them winning over or under 6.5 games in Justin Fieldss second season? Kkylewood breaks down the Bears schedule and provides his over/under bet!
WATCH Neil Gaiman wrote the award-winning comic book, 'The Sandman,' 34 years ago. Now it's been adapted into a live-action series for Netflix.
We STAY winning.
Stop lying about Florida being a free state. We are not. What happened to Thou Shall Not Bear False Witness Against Your Neighbor? Guessing your political ambition and winning elections is more than following the ten commandments. It sounds like it.

You said teams who play in domes dont win anything. The Rams have been winning. The Saints for years were winners. The Colts for years were winners. The Cardinals for a few years. Hell even the Falcons and Cowboys. Being in a dome doesnt make a difference. The team itself does.

Maxwell Frost Is Poised To Be The First Gen Z Member Of Congress After Winning FL-10 Primary Democrat Maxwell Frost looks like he will become the first Gen Z member of Congress as he won the primary for Val Demingss open House seat in Florida.

A trophy winning night! We are at trophy_wines in Cape Town, pouring our Estate Chardonnay 2020 - awarded The Investec Trophy for Best White Wine of the year, as well as the varietal trophy for Best Chardonnay.

John Ritondo Jared Waller turned their class project into an award-winning entrepreneurial venture. This AlabamaFTBL season, you might benefit. Check out Student Seats, a safe ticket exchange website for UA students to buy & sell tickets. More.

Why Im still giving Tom Brady a great shot at winning another MVP. Now on.
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Were seeing what a lot of us young people & a lot of Dems in general knew to be trueabortion is a winning issue, 0lijulianna says. The GOP is learning a very hard lessonwhen you start stripping Americans of their freedoms theyre going to vote you out of office.

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It's legitimately hilarious that you think you're winning in this discussion.
"You will have that baby no matter what, and f..k your student loan debt" doesn't sound like a winning message to me.
Malik Tillman in the Champions League qualifiers: Onulb Scored the winning goal in the second leg vs. Royale Union SG to send Rangers into the final playoff round Onulb Assisted the winning goal against PSV to send Rangers to the UCL group stage.

Ultimately winning!
Kavontae Turpin is the next Devin HesterAND THE COWBOYS ARE WINNING THE SUPER BOWL!
I know Sasha is accomplished, but I do want her to get a Rumble win as well as FINALLY getting her Wrestlemania moment of winning. If not her, Rhea. Rhea deserves it. She deserve a good run with the title.

Not sure "My life was miserable so yours should be too" is the winning slogan some people think it is.
Then there's Washington State's 8th District, which I only have on the list because Cook still rates it as a toss up. But Biden won it by 7 points, the Democrats have an incumbent there, and 538 gives her 78% odds of winning. Is she vulnerable? Not sure. Don't want to risk it.

Iam absolutely winning that auction to commentate in the booth for an inning next season!!
Last nights win proves that together, we can do everything, including winning the U.S. Senate seat.
This is definitely one of those 'Chelsea pictures that go hard' An emotional John Terry after winning the 2014/2015 Premier League. He played every single minute of that title winning campaign.
Congrats BLINKS On winning the Giveaway!! Group Winner BLACKPINK PINKVENOM Thank you For participating, More giveaways/deals soon!!
I just want to see Nicki Minaj winning she has so many ppl praying and wishing on her downfall,its sad. Makes me want to go even harder for her ,she and other strong queens like her deserve love and protect & happiness.

You could be winning but feel like youre losing, if you dont keep score.
Sam Presti winning his 10th consecutive picking in the lottery and finishing in the bottom 5 championship.
The people who say they love the marketplace of ideas seem to be very upset that homosexuality and transsexualism are winning in the marketplace of ideas.
EXO keeps winning.
After winning literally 2 different polls heres SHY NERDY GIRL! Or as I call her "Almond"! (Yep that's her name).
Bro he always been on the winning side.
Ya GOP sucks, but also primaries here in AZ saw record turnout with trump endorsed candidates winning big.
Groovy is winning this season.
Matt Gaetz winning his primary while still under investigation for having sex with a minor is clear proof Republicans never really cared about kids.
They stayed up late to drag and mock Phyna's mistake, but her armies rose up for her and said Devil not tonight Phyna has been winning tasks from day 1 and holding down the show.. haters get behind us.

Mountain bike rider Rab Wardell dies aged 37, days after winning Scottish title. Wardell suffered cardiac arrest, says his partner Katie Archibald. Scottish cyclist had won race at Kirroughtree Forest on Sunday....

If your girl a hustler you winning cause these women be fine broke and begging.
Democrats now lead Republicans nationally by 5% on a generic Congressional ballot. Democracy has the winning lead.
Pervert Matt Gaetz winning his GQP primary even though hes under FBI investigation for child sex trafficking tells you everything. So damn gross. Throw his ass in jail already, wtf.
Didn't they do same before winning all 3 matches? And even their last win? Not all answers to prayers are yes. Sometime no, for the common good. Isreal prayed and went to war, but they lost, their Ark was taken into Dgon's custody. And that was how the Philippines god bowed.

This is exactly why they cant find actual big brother fans to sign up anymore. Every season its a Witch Hunt. Its a game and yet people living in the real world forget they are watching A GAME SHOW that centers around lying and winning a large amount of money. Yalls IQ -100.

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SALAM Praise ,Glory ,Fear only Allah Swt ,No God only Allah Swt with Winning ,Strength and Power .Peace upon Prophet Mohammad SAW ,Families and Friends .Aaamin.
Shouts to Vanessa Bryant for winning that lawsuit against them weak ass cops.
1992 when the Cowboys finally got back to winning championship football.
Lol you got robbed, tough shit, we back the people that robbed tou is not a winning campaign slogan.
Everyone please do vote for NuNew. Every vote is valuable and yours is too. Just try to take out a minute from your day and vote NuNew, this will mean a lot too. Winning or loosing is a different thing but NuNew really deserves it.

Dont overpolishjust flood the zone. This is winning strategy. One of the many reasons Im a monthly supporter of runforsomething. You should be one too.
Keep getting your ig accounts ready!! Tomorrow we start voting for Left and Right for Song of the Summer VMAs Jungkook winning his first ever major American award for his solo collab!!
That's true they were winning dominantly too before stumbling into jones.
The only era you have is winning a 3 piece chicken and biscuit at KFC.
A test of whether abortion rights would be a winning issue for Democratic candidates, PatRyanUC won over the NY19 swing district by a 2.2-point margin. The so-called "red wave" might not be so red, after all.

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Yes, yes they will.
Since walang lapag si opisyal, let's just talk about how mana was tonight's opening song and bazinga? not a peep. mana stans finally winning after 8383838 years.
In between winning the world cup for wales.
If not witchcraft, why would any sensible person insult Daniella for winning the unik_soap task? She is a sweet soul, that celebrates with people that win. Just pray for your favourites to get better, that's all. Instead of hating on HMs with brains.

Apart from Money, Thugs, INEC and Security Agencies, what else is giving these Children of Perdition the confidence that they have any chance of winning the coming election? Any record of achievements to bank on? Opposition, watch your back!

The guys with the silly suggestion have no idea. Russians would have the solidarity to refuse the offer, which is why they are winning against Ukraine.
There's winning Big Brother and there's winning after Big Brother! Daniella is showcasing everything inside the house to eventually WIN BIG outside the house! She is showing herself back to back!
The look of a president who isnt being investigated for espionage. Keep on winning, Joe!
Hoosiers! We cant protect our democracy without winning state legislative races. Early voting begins on October 11th. Start fighting for these candidates now.

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