Monday 10th of July 2023

I Think I Scared Them.

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Tbh I think its a pussy ass trait for a male to fantasize about women coming onto them. We get it, youre scared of females and you want them to make the first move, its not that romantic.
Im not a fan of AJ but hes right. I dont AJ ducked fights I think his representation kept him From them. I dont think hes scared of anyone Bravery doesnt beat talent though. But Id rather see AJ try than listen. To fury DUCK & waffle on and call ppl sausages.

"Those sounds are getting louder and faster!, im a little scared but i think im gonna check them out" Alt. Version, faster pounding, nice.
As a foreigner watching from outside, I think the whole situation is just fear on both sides, I bet the white neighbors are just as scared, and that's why they raised the flag. Both are afraid the other may hurt or kill them for no reason. The domestic terror won.

Im scared of that AI shit tbh you never know if they can make robots to whoop our ass like the M3gan doll and same with that AI shit on sc they want them to be smarter by knowing how we think bro.
Omg wait I dont think Ive shown my silly little Witchs Heart keychains here :3 they were one of the first rpgmaker things Ive ever bought, and I was scared to open them at the time because I was so excited (and was also playing Deltarune).

I was that son at one point. I think by 27 things had begun to change for me (both through my own effort and changing circumstances), but with young children of my own now, I'm genuinely scared of them ever having to experience the depression I lived with for far too long.

None of it's scary. It's like PG-13 horror for kids. It looks kinda scary and weird but none of them seem actually scared by it after like the first time. This new emergence of "mascot horror" ties into it I think. It's scary the first time but doesn't maintain that atmosphere.

I had a box of knives that are now just gone like I cant find them and Im getting scared cause ion think my mom took em cause in the same spot I put them I had a blade s WHERE ARE THEY!!!!?!!?!?!
I wonder if I look like I prefer yt men I dont Im scared of their filthiness sksksks I cant rest my thoughts with the majority of them. Ill just think no.
I used to have some thoughts of doing some very unsavoury things they plagued my mind for years and i couldnt get rid of them consuming this fictional content has been an amazing therapy tool to quiet these thoughts and im scared to think what wouldve happened if i never started.

Russia has been using them the entire war and you know that. I think your scared of receiving your own medicine.
I think Trayvon scared me for life taking my purses & cutting them up.
I think he is scared because orbit said that he forced loona members to dye their hair which was false but he got hate on because of that.Even when he left,bbc make them dye they hair andgive them short hair for exemple yeojin was forced to cut her hair short.

Mfs be wanting me to hang out with them but be scared to ask lol. Bra Im cool af, you must think you to lame or some.
They need to be on a different path then they currently are on. I'm not sure locking them up is the answer. i would rec a tour through San Quintin, "scared straight" i think is the name of the program.

Yep. Princess Meghan definitely shook them like Princess Diana did lol. Princess Diana said it in her interview. She said they were scared of a STRONG woman. Diana knew it and I think Meghan figured it out really quickly.

Oh my god i can imagine. i dont think ive seen an ivalice raid more than once since they launched and im so scared to try and get them done on my alts.
I'm not scared of snakes or spiders in general (I think they're cool and have no problem holding them) but the idea of a venomous animal being near me without me knowing is the scariest fucking thing.
I could believe that as well. I see both arguments but I dont think its a big deal. If someone is scared of that subject or uneducated, I could see them getting very upset. Otherwise, ***nulb.
Many people I talk to about solotravel admit to being "scared" to give it a shot, despite wanting to. But, if you prod them to elaborate, they have a hard time articulating what specifically they're afraid of. In summary maybe you're not as scared as you think you are :)).

I challenged liquid calories yesterday and Im deciding to challenge them again today, but a drink with each meal so 3 drinks total. Im scared, but I dont think that Ive been challenging myself enough lately so I need to do this.

I think its reasonable for women especially those abused by men to be scared of all men. Predators used to eat prey and prey are scared of them because of that. Predators are responsible for their oppression thats the reason people dont like the allegory.

I think you missed the part where I said I was scared of them.
The more I think about it, the more I see Luz. Either way, you are right. People is scared of flat chest or something, I know a lot of characters with small boobs (which looks far better on them) that people almost always draw them will huge knockers.

I dont think they care about usher wanting their ladies, they are scared of their ladies wanting him over them. A lot of those guys are insecure and feel like they cant compete with a world famous singer.

I don't think that they think that they will be attacked by it online, its more like what the person they're scared of, will do to them. Honestly, a horrifying position to be in. I pray for the women.
I indeed scared them i think.
Rurals because the GOP has them scared theyll be forced to accept things that will alter their lives negatively I also think it is a distrust of the gov't in general and just as Bernie spoke out (who arguably in 2016 couldve beaten Trump) Trump gets the disenfranchised.

I didn't ever think that question would be a problem. I've probably scared so many people asking "Hey can I ask a question" lol. Gotta start rephrasing that so people don't think I'm asking them out everytime haha.

Energy fields are wider than the physical body. Do you think touch somehow amplifies another's energy? I think just as much can be transferred through space alone. While we should limit our exposure to other's negative fields. We shouldn't be scared or isolated from them.

People being scared of the free bennett bc it will give them the red dot of death and honestly... i caved in in a few days. so far c6 bennett has not hindered me at all. i dont have eula tho and i dont like phys damage so i think im gonna be good. not only that, now all new.

I think they're more scared that Jack Smith is closing in on them regarding Jan 6! A lot of them are guilty of insurrection!
I think yt ppl are scared to see these films cuz they arent encouraged to by the masses. IE them. Diversity is feared so it is purposely misunderstood. So like a math problem, if its too hard to figure out they wont bother with it. They still serve as the maj. target audience.

My dear Im scared o.I think we can comfortably take care of these two now coz the way things are getting more expensive hmmm.I think his priority should be how to give them the best not adding more.
Lmao you just thanked someone making up a bs story thanks for proving your ignorance more. You really dont think you should talk to a 7-10 year old about how they identify and that being different is ok. I think youre just scared of them saying they are different.

I just think the second you start drafting because of your past failures youre totally cooked as an organization. Youre drafting scared and that certainly wont ever win. Id rather them be bold than pussy. Every day.

I think they're scared because everyone's been saying it is in fact real gore of real people . i just haven't seen it been proven that it's real , so till them im going to think its fake lol.
I think I stopped liking White men as far back as 2016 well I felt scared with them.
Another pc added to my collection. think I went over 100 pcs owned haha~ All of them securely drained and locked by me~ But there's no reason to be scared lil Pup, Your money and PC will be safe with me~ I'll take a good care of it dont you worry~.

Realizing that I'm mean to my friends (girls) cuz I'm scared they'll get uncomfortable or think im hitting on them.
I have so many things to project on Haikaveh that I don't even hand enough hands to describe I'm a living Kaveh whatever happens to me I project on them Right now I'm with the most lethal animal in the mf country in my room scared as fuck and I think about them to cope.

They wouldnt tell me their budget and I think my rate scared them off. Even though its not high at all! I was open to negotiation but I guess they found someone else who fits better!
Yeah same, I'm always scared to talk to ppl cause I think I might annoy or bother them.
But they are not. This whole Trans-Trender nonsense has only been a "thing" for the last 5 years. I remember the '80's when gay men suffered real violence against them. People were scared to touch them. You people think it is violence to "misgender" them. That's NOT violence.

Well if this is truethey should quitas no one should feel uncomfortable or scared in their workplace! However the way I see most of them for him & being by his side w/makes ne think this is another dig at Biden that doesnt have a factual basis! These staffers need toHR.

BC is where Trudeau got his foothold to get elected in Oct 2015 with the legalization of Pot for the most part and theres no doubt he had to snuggle up to the unions that control BC wink wink - I think Trudeau would be scared of them by now and doesnt want to touch this like a.

I think a major issues here is that cis/gender conforming people are so scared to say that trans men differ from cis men in anyway. You can say trans men are men and still believe some of them can be lesbians. those two things are not incompatible. Trans men who see themselves.

Its always a work in progress. Not seeing them anymore was very freeing. Its also taken a lot of therapy. I feel pathetic at times because Im 46 and Im still scared of them. I dont think that will ever really go away until theyre dead.

If he is saying i will fight him in November or december then u think "he is scared to fight" plus gaethje/poirier winner will be banged up and no way the winner between them will be even physically fit to fight or even train for a fight with makhachev, Charles played it Smart.

I always think someones ignoring me/hates me when their energy seems off for some reason but i wont talk to them abt it bc im scared of being called paranoid & being told that im overreacting so i just wait until i either cant take it anymore or i just forgot about it.

I dont think theyre scared of those institutions they just feel like they need to "be respectful" when asked to by these companies, and theyre more scared of randoms cancelling them over it.. anyway it's probably nothing in bocchis case.

He looks scared he definitely already cheated he just didnt think she would leave I hope side chick exposes them well see fr.
Yeah I was but I had to whisper in case I scared them off. If you've got a decent pair of headphones to listen to it on, you can hear one of the owls moving to the right. We don't usually get stuff like that either, but there's a big tree nearby so I think they probably sit there.

I always used to be scared as a kid of the loud noises they make when they come out. I used to think it was mothman or some other kind of demon or monster making those noises & I thought it flew off with people in it's talons & ate them at some hidden location.

They stuff up my feed. Then I cant post until I find the offending one. Cant post for about two hours. It keeps happening; Im scared of using them. I think some a void-trapped!
I think the fear comes from them feeling tricked Theyre attracted to her and theyre scared that means theyre ghey.
I can think of (less than) a handful of our 650 MPs who understand where were heading (or arent too scared/corrupt to face up to it) Clive is one of them.
These filthy child grooming predators need to be fucking stopped. Where are all the real men standing up to this depraved, dick agenda? WTF? All too scared to speak out because of what people might think of them. Fucking pathetic, weak men, no wonder I fucking hard people.


I think I scared them.
The 10th and for about a week, I was still in denial of how amazing my place was. I told my friends I was scared someone would come and send me out cos it literally looks like a hotel. Nobody believes when I tell them I live there cos most people think its an hotel, but its not.

Not speaking about an issue and not scolding children right away for making impulsive decisions are like big things imo. I think children wouldn't feel scared opening up to their parents if they don't punish them right away every time they commit a mistake and it's quite an.

My sister always tells me that i lead boys on bc im too scared to reject them in the first place but honestly i think shes right even tho it wasnt intentional i need to be more straightforward from now on.

Them go complain 2my mum, Lory is too harsh, too tough. Bruh, if u aint clear urself, thats why them go think im tough. I debunk ur scam, soul hacker. Dats why u r scared Pesin who was wakin up to catch bandits I aint sleepin oh, just working hard, n trying to not beeing scammed.

I think I mentioned this before, but I really like the way you do facial expressions, which is something I still struggle with. You make them more alive and authentic. Like, if they're angry, sad or scared, it actually feels like it.

I dont think so i think he was scared of them and thought they were all nuts.
Guys lake trip next week how did yalls family react when they first saw your scars and could no longer prentend they didnt know (I think my parent shave seen them but they pretended like they didnt) (I dont want to talk to them about it I hate it) ( Im scared abt my sisters.

I think it was pretty awkward that they didn't address it. They got tamiyo, so they knew about emmy, and you would think Norn would be either interested compleating an eldrazi or be scared of them coming back.

I think people are so scared of having the same beliefs as the woke that it keeps them from showing empathy and holding people responsible.
I think your 20s are a time where you should tell your crushes you like them and not be scared of rejection cause its really not the worst thing like the worst thing that could happen to you is be broke and have a receding hairline and have 0 girl besties.

He was probably just nervous and scared of dropping it but ye he's gotta get comfortable doing handoffs esp if thats the only matchup he's gonna play them in. I think his real problem tho that game was trying to contest leffen on plat with full hop up airs.

I mean I get that, but I think they could do like ba Scared Straight type of thing where you teach them young when they're Younglings/Padawans.
I dont blame them if i was a little creature and heard a hurricane directly in my ear i would be a little scared i think.
No I unlike them can read for myself. I dont think there is a conspiracy or cover up around every corner that everyone with a different opinion is paid to disagree. Scared of their own shadow. Id rather not be that fucked up or paranoid.

Do you think Sumeru has dangerous insects? It's in a rainforest I say yes. Tighnari is used to them because Amurta and Forest Watcher but Alhaitham and Kaveh? City boys? Come on those two would be scared as HELL. IT FLIES AND CAN BITE YOU AND SEND YOU TO THE DOCTOR.

A lot retired. Some seemed scared to death. Someone is telling a lot of them to push the shots. I think many are afraid they will lose their jobs if they don't do as they are told. Others r brainwashed. Even w/other shots where some contain mercury or not, don't give u a choice.

I hate when somebody think im lying to them like do you think im scared of you or some.
"I miss you all. I miss you so much. I always think abt you guys. Time goes by so quickly so I'm scared that the memories I made with ARMY would fade away. I want to remember them for a long time." BTS_twt Taehyung.

Yeah I get ya and I think that it's OK for them to still want a personal apology but when non desiatiny are being hateful rude and threatening its not right I am scared for sans live but I hope atinys will be able to drown out the hate.

I think gief smokes deejay tbh but not even that he doesn't have anything that scares me. All your buttons are kinda ass. Di smokes them and I'm not scared of your drive rush ever.
There's so many zlarpers i wanna be friends with but i feel like some of them either think im annoying or are scared of the concept of a prostate god.
Always changing some type of rule when the BTS bout to drop something new it's funny how they aren't even trying to hide it the scared , but I think ARMYs bout to remind them bout the power BTS and ARMY hold.

Don't read the last page But I stay when you're lost, and I'm scared, and you're turning away I want your midnights But I'll be cleaning up bottles with you on New Year's Day Makes me think of them at Britts party, only to have her die and the Willow reveal the next day.

Theyre weak and gutless. I think if you could give them a truth serum, theres a decent number of them that are probably ashamed of themselves for being so scared of standing up against him.
People arent hiding from the overwhelming rest of the population, and Im a bit surprised if you really think thats the case. Its like saying people didnt say bad things about the local count because they were scared the commoners would harm them for it.

As a child I was scared of them. They were intimidating and I didn't think I was allowed to be there, that I wasn't "fancy" enough for them so never went in. Now I've been a librarian for 6 years and am committed to making sure nobody else ever thinks libraries aren't for them >nulb.

A vaccinated friend died young of a rapidly progressing cancer they think started in her lung. Her family doesn't think anything is wrong with the vax. Even the kids are vaxxed. I'm scared for them every day.

I loved them both but I think 28 days later scared me more.

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