Sunday 12th of March 2023

Which Would You Rather Play?

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Which would you rather play?
I'm trying to decide my next longer story game to play. Which one would you guys rather see first?
Which would you rather have, batter us 7-0 and play football on Thursday nights during your best era in a long time or we batter you 7-0 but you play ucl the next season?
Play would you rather and put yourself in that position, which one gives you a chance versus an inevitable and cruel death. Every living thing is going to die... why would you ever make it for nothing. For an animal it's a meal, a necessary one, so yes, that's less cruel.

But the thing is none of you xenophobes allowed the immigrants to stay there...even then you would rather have let them die at sea than house them in a hotel...which is why you are a nazi. You just love to play victim, like they did in the 30s...

Which would you rather play up front today?
If the money were even, which team would you rather play for? Thats who won the trade.
Which offense would you rather play for as a young QB? Bears surrounding talent was terrible last year, the Panthers offense without DJ Moore may be the worst Ive ever seen.
Subjects, today is MARIODay! So which game would you rather see me play? We'll do some APEX before swapping over~.
Which QB would you rather have on your team? Consider level of play, contract and any off field baggage that matters to you as a fan.
I used the Rock as a play on Chris Rock and he is a larger man and Will Smith would not have been so tough with him which is my point , I thought it was rather clever you do know what jokes are right?
Lets play a game, Broaddus style. Which would you rather have? An established free agent interior Olineman and a rookie WR in the top 2 rounds, or a rookie interior Olineman and giving a 2nd for Deandre Hopkins.

Twitch stream this weekend. Which game would you rather watch me play?
Can we please talk please Which superhero role would you rather Inga play Jessica drews spider woman or a Batman Returns remake as Selina Kyle/ Catwoman?
Which role would you rather Inga play Jessica drews spider woman or a Batman Returns remake as Selina Kyle/ Catwoman?
Which one would you rather have? I'll take Embiid, who plays defense. Jokic is very skilled and a phenomenal point center. But he doesn't play defense at all. His defense is like Ben Simmons' offense in the playoffs.

Fair play to you. I've a flight to Berlin in April. You're bombarding me with offers for Car Hire which i'm not interested in. Would rather have an offer on a checked bag if that's possible?
Which number one would you rather them play??? I'll take the one that lost by 30 to OK...
It's all good! We would rather you play & create content with games that you actually enjoy. The quality of the content improves which definitely improves the viewing experience. You are not the first person I've seen voice their dislike and/or rage quit SOTF. Fuck TrendsBeHappy!

So I think I am coming up on the finale of Dragon Age Inquisition soon which means I gotta pick what's next! Rather, what would YOU want to see me play next? I have a few options here so lets hear it! 1/.

Because once upon a time, when a song would play on a station - rather than clicking the heart, which adds the song the to your favorites playlist - you could click a thumbs up or down on the song. I feel like it made curating your stations much better too.

Is it ok no tax? if not I can add smt Else in another game if you play? just tell me which u would rather.
Which Part of the Roster would you rather play the Fighters?/.
Which of these new gun laws would have saved the MSU students? None of them. Since you would rather play politics than do any real work, the next mass shooting in Michigan rests solely on your shoulders. Disgusting.

Great! Let's play a game of "Would You Rather?" I'll give you two options and you have to choose which one you'd rather do. Are you ready?
Would you rather squander more money on 2 vets who are backsliding? Or would you rather squander less money on 2 top draft picks? Would be like drafting Fields AND Lawrence See which one plays better before that Year 3-4 big payday/extension comes into play Hmmm.

Which would you rather play with?? or.
You have $55M to play with. If you're the Giants which would you rather have? Lamar Jackson OR Daniel Jones Saquon Barkley.
Which Would You Rather Play On Grass or Turf Field [?]nulb[?]nulb.
Which obviously is not by accident. It is the culture instilled from the top. I would add that being one of the two best teams in the land and the type of football we play, it is to our advantage to not waste time and energy in niggling opponents. Rather you want fast flowing.

Going to stream tonight at 10pm EST, which would you rather see me play?
Lets play would you ratherWhich one are you? The or The teviinxxo7 More.
Game Ideas For The St. Patrick's Day Give Away Ya'll! Tell Me Which One You'd Like To Play . Remember, The Game Will Be Hosted On chaturbate & It Will Be On March 17th! Would I Rather 2 Truths & A Lie 21 Questions Truth Or Dare Strip Hangman Winner Gets A 15 Private Show!

Losing 1 game in the League would mean you have 11 left to play still. Losing 1 in the cup would mean you're out. I know which one I'd rather lose.
Literally nothing. My tweet referred to objective standards , which you disputed and I disproved. You clearly misconstrued my argument. I was not saying Meg is a bad rapper , as would play into your point of subjectivity, rather that she immensely lacks certain fundamentals.

I agree with you on this one, not to mention people would play more often for a Collab skin rather a original skin which may not peak there interest. Not to mention people would spend money more likely due to playing more often and new skins and Collabs would occur. Imo.

Lets play a game. Which prospect would you rather? Both from KHL Prospect one Draft year stats: 53GP 13G 11A 24P 0.25G/g 0.21A/g 0.45P/g 6'2" 200lbs Prospect two: Draft year stats: 27GP 9G 11A 20P 0.33G/g 0.41A/g 0.74P/g 5'10"150lbs ?

Which game would you rather play for the rest of your life?
Preface this by saying I just want the boys to make the playoffs and dont care which WC they getthat being said, who would you rather play? Bos - clearly the better team, but we seem to play better against them Car - not as good a team, but seem to be harder for the Sens.

This may be a gameplay vs story decision which would you rather for the next game you play?
Identity is a game we play where everyone loses All identity reduces agency The question of being human Is which would you rather.
Came up with this link of map tiers. Here's how I rank Halloween maps and regular TF2 maps which I would rather play or not play. CTF, ARENA, PD or 5CP is not really into my taste. You can make your own list here.

Hardly child's play ... this is hard core adult material. Hard core criminal activity. Either you're ill informed or a proud member of the democratic party, which prides itself in "altered realities". Would rather live a lie than embrace the truth.

Another poll! Which randomly-generated race/class combo would you rather play? All our applications are open - contributors, mods, and OC submissions - at our Carrd!
If pros had the choice would you rather see year two of mw2 with 4-6 new/old maps or a brand new title for the 23-24 cod year which is under a shortened timeline? (again) OR play a older cod voted by the players.

Sixers fans, which team would you rather play in the 2nd round, Bucks or Celtics?
If you could drop Bryce or AR into the exact situation that Mahomes walked into -Elite play caller -Great weapons -Good line -Sit under respected vet for 1 year Which would you rather have?
Which would you rather play with hmmm? Do you want my ... Or how bout some ?
Would you rather CU play which teams on the regular?
I forgot to ask you guys which game you would rather me play tonight. Bendy or Sons of the Forest? If I get no answer I'll just play Sons of the Forest. twitch.
Come on, its obvious you go to American University, dont play. I did not attend American University but I just blocked the guy rather than say which school I did go to. (He probably assumed I would be like, Wrong! Its __ and then hed know).

Knowing the SEC model ensures starting in 2024 you play the entire conference every two years, which would you rather face.
Considering there are plenty on the left pushing back against it, I think I will continue to do so too. Clearly rather than care, you would rather take this as an opportunity to play the american pastime of left wing vs right wing political theatre, of which I am not interested.

Feeling like crap today both mentally and physically, might rip a stream later to get my mind off things. Which game would you rather watch me play?
Why not? Who would you rather play? I would think Mizzou would be an easy win & A&M would be good because you get to play an extra game every other year in Texas, which would be good for recruiting Texas.

Yea bigger issue with Russ rather than his play that the media didnt explain was that his salary made getting good 3 and d players impossible which is what you would want to fill that roster with.
Well, true - but would you rather have a pitch clock undo a double play if the batter swings and makes contact? It seems ridiculous to dial all of that back, which defeats the stated purpose, right? Also, a timing violation in delivering a pitch in 5s USA SP? Illegal pitch.

Poll timenulb We want to ask you which one of those two Egyptian goddesses would you pick? Would you rather play support as Bastet? Or would you pick Taweret who is the tank? Vote in the poll! (Poll in the comments below :D).

Which one would you rather choose? -nulb Smoothies Or Parfaits These and more are available on the GMealshub app Download the app on Google Play Store or iOS App Store to get started .

What You Really Think

Mr best bc bobux But if its bobux or end world hunger Then its end world hunger. You know how many times I need to find food? Alot.



Mr beast obby.

If between those three, then pet sim.

Ofc the Mr beast.

I want to stop playing pet sim x and I hate bedwars so I guess the obby.

Mr beast free robux obby.

Bedwars (the best game in the world) been grinding it all day and playing ranked.


Mrbeast obby ofc.


Whats the first game called!

Pet sim x.



Ok tbh, I would play pet sim x.

Mrbeast obby.

Double it and give it to the next person.

4th option, Geometry td.

Who wouldn't play the mr beast obby.

None lol.

None because idc.


First option.

Mr beast by a long shot.

Mr Beast obby.



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